SEAMS-Manila School on the Applications of Algebra and Analysis
4-15 April 2011
Institute of Mathematics


The SEAMS-Manila School on the Applications of Algebra and Analysis is the inaugural edition of a series of intensive study programs (called 'SEAMS-Schools') aimed at bridging undergraduate mathematics education and research-level mathematics.  SEAMS Schools are conducted in member countries of the Southeast Asian Mathematical Society (SEAMS).

The SEAMS-Manila School will be held on 4-15 April 2011 at the Institute of Mathematics in UP Diliman. 

The school will consist of ten days of lectures and problem-solving sessions on special topics on the applications of algebra and analysis. Participants will be introduced to topics and concepts that lead to active areas of research in mathematics.  In particular,  the following mini-courses will be conducted:

     I.  Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (MC1) (15 hours)

     II. Number Theory, Coding and Cryptography (MC2) (20 hours)

     II. Introduction to Mathematical Modeling (MC3) (15 hours)

Participants should have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and are either current masteral students of Mathematics or plan to pursue research and higher studies.  There is a limited number of slots, including some for participants from other Southeast Asian  countries.  Priority will be given to applicants with no access to advanced Mathematical education.

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For more information, send an email to Dr. Marian Roque (SEAMS-Manila School Director) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.