Introduction to Classical and Variational
Partial Differential Equations


Author: Doina Cioranescu, Patrizia Donato, Marian P. Roque
ISBN: 978-971-9951-38-4
Date Published: March 2013
























About the book

The study of partial differential equations is at the crossroads of mathematical analysis, measure theory, topology, differential geometry, scientific computing, and many other branches of mathematics. Modeling physical phenomena, partial differential equations are fascinating topics because of their increasing presence in treating real physical processes. In recent years, PDEs have become essential modeling tools in fields such as materials science, mathematical finance, quantum mechanics, biology and biomedicine, and environmental sciences.

The aim of this book is to introduce classical and variational PDEs to graduate and post-graduate students in Mathematics with background in advanced calculus, real analysis, and functional analysis. The material in this book is more than sufficient for a one-semester course.